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Premiere STEM Lessons for Engagement and Learning


SAMSAT SPARK classes are premiere versions of our online classes.

SPARK classes include assignments students can complete after class, and are custom scheduled for your school class or group.


Contact us to schedule a SPARK class!


See all our currently scheduled free classes, paid classes, and camps.


  • Custom scheduled

  • Greater depth

  • At-home or virtual online activity

  • Gradeable assignment

  • Open audio, video and chat
    for closed groups

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Information and Pricing Summary

School class, 30 students

  • $75 per 30-student class, one class delivered

  • $150 per 30-student class for two hour sessions

School Pack, five classes

  • 30-5-1 Plan
    $300 per 30-student class, five classes delivered

  • 30-5-2 Plan
    $600 per 30-student class of two hours, five classes delivered

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