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Get on the path to STEM education and careers.

How SAMSAT Academy Works

  1. Pick a badge to pursue from the list below (e.g., Robots!).

  2. Complete related SAMSAT SPARK classes, and earn Sparks.

  3. Finish a career class...

  4. Complete a small project...

  5. 10 Sparks = Digital Badge online @ SAMSAT Academy.


STEM Education has the potential to transform students, families and communities.


STEM instruction can lead to scholarship opportunities from colleges and to rewarding careers.  In SAMSAT Academy, we help students prepare for future STEM education.  We highlight career opportunities in San Antonio, starting with those in our immediate vicinity at Port San Antonio.


  • In-depth understanding of a topic

  • Awareness of local education and career opportunities

  • A credential documented and recognized in our community

Information and Pricing Summary

Badges available


​​Photos and Light


Adaptations in

 Nature & Life

Microscopic World

ROBOTS!  available soon

Cyber City  available soon


Three SAMSAT SPARK classes completed

One SPARK careers class completed

One small project completed

Portfolio documented and submitted

Maintained by SAMSAT Academy

Documented on citywide partner web site


Individual, one badge,

$100 per student

  • Includes four SPARK classes, a $60 value

Contact SAMSAT for package arrangements for students, families, schools or organizations.

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