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STEM Summer Camps

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SAMSAT has revised its summer camp schedule in light of our nation's fight against COVID-19.  Here are the essentials of our summer camp plans:

  • All camps are one week in length.

  • Early summer camps will be online

    • without live presence at SAMSAT.

    • two hours each day plus student self-guided activities.

  • Late summer camps will be in person

    • 9 am to 3 pm

    • Frequent sanitizing

    • Social distancing practices

    • Daily temperature checks

    • Only students and staff allowed inside

    • Other CDC guidelines

  • All summer camps in 2020 are free!  But we welcome donations from those able to contribute.

    • We are able to offer free camps thanks to our generous sponsors!

    • Our sponsors partially offset our camp expenses.

    • For online camps, we ask those able to make a $100 donation, for each student attending, for each week attended.

    • For in-person camps, we ask those able to make a $300 donation, for each student attending, for each week attended.

    • Make a donation now!

Picture This, 6/8 to 6/12, Grades 5+, online

Learn the basics of photography. How do cameras work? What is composition and how does it influence a good picture? We introduce you to photo editing software and at the end of camp you will be able to have your own art exhibit!


Diggin Dinosaurs, 6/15 to 6/19, Grades 5+, online

Do you like dinosaurs? Wanna learn about the prehistoric past?! Join us for a trip back to a world when dinosaurs roamed across the globe! Explore key concepts and techniques used to study the ancient earth and the animals and plants that once lived on it!


The Technology of Amazing Animals,

6/22 to 6/26, Grades 7+, online

Have you ever wondered how animals survive such extreme conditions like miles under the ocean or in the freezing temperatures of the arctic? Have you ever looked at an animal and wondered why it looked or acted so weird? Join us for camp and find out. We will also explore how humans learned from animals to be able to survive in extreme conditions by using technology to mimic animals natural adaptations. We may not be born with it so we built it!


Space Camp 1, 7/6 to 7/10, Grades 5-8

Space Camp 2, 7/13 to 7/17, Grades 5-8

Space Camp 3, 7/27 to 7/31, Grades 5-8

​Have you ever thought about becoming an astronaut?  Would you like to know how humans are going to live on Mars?  In this camp students will learn about the incredible history of NASA, the first walk on the moon, the International Space Station, and the plans for colonizing Mars. We will also speak with a representative from NASA about outer space and the space program and  each camper will build and launch a model rocket.  

CyberPatriot, 7/20 to 7/24, Grades 7+

Firewalls, malware, assets, and Internet Service Providers. Learn how networks work and how they become vulnerable. Why do we encode information and how do hackers get in. have you ever wanted to compete in cyber security?