The T.J. Natarajan

STEM Summer Camps

We are reviewing our summer camp offerings, with plans to adapt the curriculum for conduct online as needed.  Watch for more information as it becomes available.

June 8-12

Grades 3-6

Creation and Exploration

Become a scientist and investigate different subjects with each hands on investigation. What's the difference between Oobleck and Slime? Why do they act different? You’re about to find out.

June 15-18; June 22-26; June 29-July 3

Grades 5-8

Space Camp

Learn all about outer space and what it takes to explore the cosmos. Build your very own rocket and launch it on the last day of camp with the help of Kelly tower!

June 22-26

Grades 5-8

Super Media Stream

How do people stream videos on social media?  How do journalists investigate news stories and get them on the web.  Learn all you need to know to stream live media while using SAMSAT's  very own TV studio.

July 6-10

Grades 7+

Robots Alive!

Learn to program Lego Ev3 and try your hand at completing Lego tasks . In the afternoon build robots and utilize various sensors while learning to program in C+. Get ready to take over the world. 

July 6-10

Grades 6-8


In this camp, participants will build a wide variety of geometric paper sculptures through art and engineering such as gyroscope origami, electra origami, polyhedron models, and many more.

July 13-17

Grades 6-9

CSI San Antonio

In this camp campers will learn what it really takes to solve crimes like what is the difference between latent and patent fingerprints? Or how do shoe prints help to determine height?

July 13-17

Grades 7+

Digital Media

Lights camera action! Learn all the steps that go into making a video for the internet. Want to make an instructional video? Or become the next big dancing sensation? Learn what you need to know for the perfect video here.

July 20-24

Grades 7+

Cyber Patriot

Firewalls, malware, assets, and isps. Learn how networks work and how they become vulnerable. Why do we encode information and how do hackers get in. have you ever wanted to compete in cyber security?

July 27-31

Grades 6+

Picture This

Learn how pigments are made. How do art restorers restore art back to its original form? Learn what different clays sculptors use and the science of why. What is the golden ration.

Scholarships available for qualifying Title I students.

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