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Staying Connected

Over the last year, connecting with students has drastically changed and presented various challenges. While circumstances changed quickly, the SAMSAT education team did not miss a beat to ensure the continued advancement of the mission to inspire young people in the community through dynamic learning activities. Since the beginning of the pandemic, through SAMSAT online the education team has provided more than 2,800 children FREE online learning experiences.

Additionally, the education team quickly developed a new vision for online education programming with the development of SAMSAT Spark and SAMSAT Academy. SAMSAT is proud to have stayed connected with students through Spark and Academy programs with community partners like Boeing and CPS Energy. Check out the various programs below that have kept SAMSAT connected and inspiring what’s next with local youth.

  • Boeing SAMSAT Academy – October 7 was the kick off of our Boeing SAMSAT Academy program. Students will receive a laptop after completing coursework in a variety of STEM subjects, as well as receive mentorships with Boeing employees. Students will participate in at least eight classes, two of which will be presented by Boeing mentor. Upon completion of the course materials, a Boeing badge, a certificate of completion and a laptop will be awarded.

  • CPS Energy – SAMSAT partnered with CPS and Disco Media to help bring the Watt Watchers of Texas club into schools and homes throughout San Antonio. Additionally, the education team has taken some of their curriculum and expanded it, creating the CPS Energy Badge. The badge consists of 3 spark classes; How Many Years to Disappear, a lesson on decomposition and recycling, Food Deserts, how lack of fresh food impacts the health and well-being of people, and Energy Conservation vs Energy Efficiency.

  • Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas – The Video Game Design Coding Club engaged twenty-eight Girl Scout Juniors (4th & 5th grade) from across the region. They will meet virtually once a month for five months to complete the course. Upon completion, participants will have designed their own video game with the Scratch interface. Additionally, SAMSAT and GSSWT are collaborating on other online classes such the Robotics Badge Workshop.

  • Invention Convention – Invention Convention Worldwide introduces students to a world in which they can solve their own problems, gaining the confidence and 21st-century skills to invent their own future through hands-on, real-world, project-based learning activities and exciting events at school, state, and national levels. SAMSAT is the first Texas affiliate and we have the privilege of growing the program. Over the next five years, the education team plans to implement Invention Convention across Texas, making SAMSAT the affiliate representing ALL of Texas for Invention Convention Worldwide.

  • Impact SA – SAMSAT is partnering with Harlandale ISD to complete the third phase of the Port San Antonio STEM Endorsement Grant that was awarded through Impact San Antonio. Virtual lessons will be held with eighth graders at Terrel Wells middle school before they fill in their endorsement cards. SAMSAT will also be explaining what the STEM endorsement is, and how a career in STEM can impact your life. After all of the lessons have been completed, SAMSAT will host a virtual family night where we will engage students and parents about STEM endorsements and STEM careers. There will also be a virtual raffle with STEM based prizes given out.

  • JBSA Lackland – The education team is diligently working on developing a Cyber Badge with funding from JBSA Lackland with lessons focusing on Security Operations Centers (SOC). Once complete, SAMSAT will work with schools and community groups to provide this badge opportunity for free for 250 students.

  • BrownSTEM – SAMSAT will be teaching virtual lessons with the BrownSTEM girls every Tuesday starting November 17 for five weeks to achieve the SAMSAT Cyber Badge.

  • 3M – SAMAT had the honor of being a 3M grant recipient that will cover the cost for 20 students to complete the Cyber Badge process.

  • Palo Alto – Recently, the education team provided a virtual lesion to local Palo Alto Upper Bound students on forensics. Students got the opportunity to learn all about the process occurring during a crime scene investigation along with some crime scene history and facts.

To learn more about our online virtual program options visit, or contact Tomie Escobar at tomie.escobar@


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