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Coming April 2022
SAMSAT Exhibits and Industry Showcase at the Port San Antonio Innovation Center

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Explore and Do™ Tour

About three hours, tour and activity
Up to 50 students
Learn more about the Preview Center
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School STEM Outreach

Rich STEM activities brought to your school
See our 20+ curriculum options
Ask us about Geekbus® availability
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Sponsored Programs

Free in-person and online programs

Many leading to digital badges for students

  • Boeing STEM Academy: Engineering

  • CPS Energy/Itron: Smart Energy Education

  • Microsoft GetDigital
    Computer Literacy and Student Leadership Development

  • Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Cyber SOC Academy

  • San Antonio Area Foundation
    SA Smart Youth Development

  • San Antonio Water System: SA Smart 2022

  • Nancy Smith Hurd Foundation
    Community-Based Education and Pathways

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SAMSAT Academy / Online

Online classes.  Online courses  that help students build their portfolio through digital badges and navigate down pathways to education and careers.

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SAMSAT has hosted 22 interns since the summer of 2021.  Partner with us!
Contact us about internship opportunities.

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R20 Premiere Esports

Learn more about SAMSAT's citywide esports league developed with our school and community partners.


Special Programs

Learn about these special entrepreneurship, innovation, civics and computer literacy programs.

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Learn about our workforce computer literacy program with Broadway Bank.

Learn about our volunteer computer literacy training program sponsored by Microsoft.

Computer Literacy & Workforce

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Hold your event at the Museum, Museum Activity Center, or SAMSAT Education Center.  Contact us.

Events at SAMSAT

SAMSAT Preview Center

World class artifacts, free tours, and Tesla Coil demos.


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The SAMSAT Preview Center is located on the Port San Antonio campus near Lackland Air Force Base.  See highlights of the SAMSAT collection pending our move into Port San Antonio's Innovation Center.

Things to see at the Preview Center


The capture of an Enigma Coding Machine by the Allies was a major event of WWII. See one of very few remaining.

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Datapoint Corporation was a 10,000-employee company in San Antonio with a claim to creating the first microcomputer.  See the Datapoint collection.

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Phototelesis, a spin-off of Datapoint, created a phone that can send and receive pictures.  The world's first cameraphone!

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Inside a typical phone, there are 350 billion transistors that do the same job as each one of the vacuum tubes you see in this picture. 

Visit the Preview Center
Open every Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm
FREE (donations welcome)
102 Mabry Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78226


Paste a map link into your phone's browser:

Google Maps: tinyurl.com/samsat-map-google

Apple Maps: tinyurl.com/samsat-map-apple

The Edison collection includes a light bulb made of horse hair, and a 1900s dynamo (below) for energy distribution.

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Learn who Nikola Tesla was, how a Tesla coil works, and why the Tesla coil sends energy through the air that turns on the lights.  We'll fire up the coil for you!



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