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Building Computer and Digital Literacy

SAMSAT's GetDigital program works at scale to improve the computer and digital literacy skills of residents.

We’re creating a cohort of 140 volunteer trainers.
We aim to train 2,800 users.
We focus on basic computer usage, the Internet, email, and Microsoft applications.

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GetDigital is a partnership of area non-profits, schools, and other organizations who understand the impact computer literacy can have on individuals, families and communities.  This partnership is training a cohort of volunteer trainers to bring basic lessons to thousands of residents.  The program is open to older youth and to adults of all ages.  The program is based on the nationally-available Northstar Digital Literacy curriculum.  We train volunteers how to use the curriculum, how to organize a class, and how to deliver the class and take students through a proctored assessment where they earn a certificate and digital badge--and become a greater part of their community. 

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Working through Partners

San Antonio is fortunate to have many non-profits and schools serving communities with various needs across our community.  Our program is designed to work through these partners.  We can train your staff, clients or students to be trainers, and we can assist with organizing end-user training.  How can we help you?  Become a GetDigital partner...


Train the Trainer

Our fundamental approach is to train volunteer trainers, and then we help them train more area residents.  Anyone with day-job computer skills is eligible to be a trainer--it's mostly about believing that computer skills are important!  We take you through the Northstar curriculum, and then help you think about how to train others, how to recruit, and organize your class.  Your payoff?  Watching your students pass the Northstar assessment and earn their certificate and GetDigital badge.  Think you can do it?  Or want to get your organization or school signed up?  Contact us.

See our Train the Trainer syllabus.

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User Training

User Training

Our volunteer trainers will have a goal of training 20 additional residents in their communities.  They'll select a schedule, location and logistics that works for the community they are training: in-person or online.  We'll work with trainers and their organizations, with the final details up to you!  You know what will work for your community.  The table below lists the individual elements your trainers will deliver, up to 24 hours of instruction.


How much does the program cost?
There is no cost to participate.  The program is funded by Microsoft and led by SAMSAT, the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology, all in cooperation with numerous partners.

What ages does the program serve?
We will train as a trainer anyone from grades 11 and up, including adults of all ages, young, middle-aged, and older adults.

Do you work with schools?
Yes!  In fact, one of our areas of focus in helping older high school students become trainers, and in the process, learn more about computers and get an opportunity for leadership.

Can my staff get trained as trainers?
Yes!  Again, this is one of the key strategies of the program, to train your staff as trainers, and help you bring more computer and digital literacy to those you serve.

I'm an individual.  Can I participate?
Yes.  We'll first ask if you're connected to any organizations who might sponsor you.  If not, we'll ask some questions to determine what reach you have to prospective trainees.

How do I sign up to get trained as a trainer?
We work directly with organizations, schools and trainers to schedule times.  Contact us.

I have little to no experience using a computer.  Can you help me?
Absolutely yes!  Click here, or call us at 210-338-0439 and ask about SA GetDigital.


funded by

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led by

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San Antonio ISD Adult and Continuing Education


Alamo Area Academies, Inc.
Alamo Community Group
Alamo STEM Ecosystem
Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio
CPS Energy
Digital Inclusion Alliance of San Antonio
Dynamic Advancement
Intercultural Development and Research Association
San Antonio Area Foundation
San Antonio Housing Authority
San Antonio ISD
Workforce Solutions Alamo

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