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Workforce and Computer Literacy

for individuals

Computer Literacy for

the Workplace

Is a lack of computer skills holding you back from meeting job and career goals?


Computer Literacy for the Workplace, a five-session course, teaches the basics of using a Microsoft Windows-based computer.  Completers earn their SAMSAT Computer Literacy and the Workplace Digital Badge.

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for organizations and schools

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Computer Class

Does your organization have students or adults who would benefit from enriched computer skills?  And then could learn even more by teaching others?

SAMSAT GetDigital enriches the digital skills of participants, and prepares each person to deliver the same content to others.  Through this program, SAMSAT is creating a cohort of digital literacy trainers to address the workforce and equity challenges among San Antonio residents.

  • Queries from organizations welcome.

  • Open to participants who are 11th and 12th grade students, college students, and adults.

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Advanced Workforce Training

SAMSAT has convened trusted partners to deliver advanced training that meets industry needs in the STEM workforce.  Contact us to join conversations about building your workforce or for opportunities for training providers.

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