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Continuing the Global Conversation

In September, we hosted our first STEM City Global Summit – Connecting K-12 Challenges to the Real World that was based on STEM in the Technopolis: The Power of STEM Education in Regional Technology Policy that our very own Chief Learning Officer, Cliff Zintgraff, Ph.D., developed as lead editor and author.

Recently, Zintgraff had the privilege to continue the global conversation to an audience in India delivering a presentation called Making STEM Cities: Education Ideas and Strategies, From Policymakers to Students, hosted by the Center for ICT for Development (CICTD) at IMPRI, Centre for Development Communication and Studies (CDECS), and Delhi Post.

During the course of the session, Zintgraff discussed programs SAMSAT leads and the challenges of bringing programs to scale, and he suggested tools and processes cities can use to develop their own programs.

You can view the whole program here.

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