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STEM City Global Summit Program Details

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Join us Tuesday, September 29, 2020, from 8 a.m. to Noon U.S. Central Time (GMT-5), for the STEM City Global Summit: Connecting K-12 Education to the Challenges of the Real World. This online half-day global summit will be based on the recent publication, STEM in the Technopolis: The Power of STEM Education in Regional Technology Policy that our very own Chief Learning Officer, Cliff Zintgraff, Ph.D., developed as lead editor and author. Topics of discussion will include:

  • VIP Messages from San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Movimiento STEM (México) founder Graciela Rojas, and Port San Antonio CEO Jim Perschbach.

  • Keynote Conversations: The Virtuous Cycle – with participants from SAMSAT’s network, including Port San Antonio and local industry, along with authors from the first six principles chapters of the book.

  • Cases of STEM Learning Around the Priorities of Cities with lead authors from the case study chapters, along with selected additional participants/moderators; San Antonio, USA; Querétaro, México; Medellín, Colombia, São Carlos, Brazil; Fundão, Portugal; and Qatar.

  • K-12, Workforce, and Equity in the STEM Technopolis: Principles and Learnings from Practice – group discussion with those engaged in connecting K-12 education to workforce needs, in the context of equity, and not ignoring the additional challenges of COVID-19.

  • What Next? – future implications from a representative group of participants and stakeholders.

Over the course of the day, participants will hear about K-12’s role in building a city’s knowledge-based economy; how K-12 partnerships with other sectors can lead to win-win scenarios and resources for K-12 STEM learning; and real-world case studies of success.

This global summit brings K-12, colleges, industry, academia, government and non-profits from across the globe together to help drive cities’ priorities forward, emphasizing K-12 education and how real-world learning can integrate with and greatly benefit city economic and social development.

Other Speakers & Moderators Include:

  • Dr. Cliff Zintgraff, Chief Learning Officer, SAMSAT, lead editor, STEM in the Technopolis

  • Doug King, CEO, SAMSAT

  • Dr. Rudy Reyna, Alamo STEM Ecosystem

  • Tyler Schroeder, The Boeing Company; Dr. Richard Butler, Trinity University Chapter: Regional Industry Clusters: A STEM Center of Gravity for Educators, Industry, Government and Non-Profits

  • Dr. Greg Pogue, IC2 Institute, The University of Texas at Austin Chapter: The STEM Technopolis Wheel: In Motion through STEM Learning

  • Dr. Paul Resta: College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin, Co-Editor, STEM in the Technopolis Chapter: Moving Toward Digital Equity in the Technopolis

  • Alejandro Roldán Bernal, Ruta-N Medellín, Colombia Chapter: Medellín: A Case of Self-STEAM (Esteem)

  • Joe Sánchez, CyberTexas Foundation Chapter: San Antonio’s Cybersecurity Cluster and CyberPatriot

  • Dr. Cristiane Gattaz, Empraba Instrumentation, Brazil Chapter: Verbal and Mathematical Literacy Education and STEAM in the Technopolis of São Carlos, Brazil

  • Prof. Ademar Aguiar, University of Porto, Portugal Chapter: Fundão, Portugal: Using STEM Education to Help Build a New ICT Technopolis

  • Jeanne Russell, Executive Director, CAST Schools (San Antonio)

  • Laura Segura, Movimiento STEM, México Chapter: Mexico’s Movimiento STEM and Related Developments in the State of Querétaro

  • Michellea Millis, Founder, BrownSTEM Academy

  • Bruce Kellison, IC2 Institute, UT Austin, Co-Editor, STEM in the Technopolis Chapter: How to Measure STEM in the Technopolis

  • Aurelio Amaral, WISE, Qatar Foundation

  • Will Garrett, Port San Antonio

  • Dan Pardy, Qatar Foundation

Check out the full program details here.

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