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Below you'll find resources related to your Aerospace pathway.

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College Information

In San Antonio, there's a variety of colleges offering outstanding aerospace programs. Below is a list of these colleges, the relevant degrees and certifications they provide, along with additional helpful information.


Click on each school title to visit their respective websites.

Hallmark University

Associate of Applied Science in Airframe Technology

  • 10-month program.

  • Specializes in aircraft engine maintenance.

  • More information: HERE


Associate of Applied Science in Airframe and Powerplant Technology

  • 16-month program

  • Comprehensive training in both airframe and powerplant maintenance.

  • More information: HERE

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management

  • 21-month program

  • Requires Associate degree and FAA certification.

  • Focuses on management in the aviation maintenance industry.

  • More information: HERE


College of Engineering and Integrated Design

Undergraduate Certificate in Aerospace Engineering

  • Focuses on aircraft and space science mechanics.

  • Requires 9 to 12 credit hours in core aerospace courses.

  • If only 9 credits, 3 additional credits from select engineering topics required.

  • Open to all majors.

  • More information: HERE

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

  • For graduates in engineering or related fields.

  • Prepares for aerospace industry careers.

  • Requires a bachelor's degree and minimum 3.0 GPA.

  • Open to all majors.

  • More information: HERE

St. Phillip's College


Aircraft Technician Airframe, A.A.S.

  • Focuses on airframe maintenance and repair.

  • Prepares for FAA Airframe certification.

  • More information: HERE​

Aircraft Technician Powerplant, A.A.S.

  • Specializes in engine and powerplant systems.

  • Aims for FAA Powerplant certification.

  • More information: HERE​

Aircraft Structures Mechanic Level 1 Certificate

  • Introduces structural maintenance of aircraft.

  • Entry-level credential for structural technicians.

  • More information: HERE​

Aircraft Turbine Mechanic Level 1 Certificate

  • Concentrates on turbine engine mechanics.

  • Prepares for work with aircraft turbine systems.

  • More information: HERE​

Aircraft Mechanic Airframe Level 2 Certificate

  • Advanced training in airframe technology.

  • Suitable for current technicians looking to upskill.

  • More information: HERE​

Aircraft Mechanic Powerplant Level 2 Certificate

  • Advanced level of powerplant mechanic training.

  • For technicians advancing in engine maintenance.

  • More information: HERE​

Flight Schools

  • ATP Flight School (Link)

  • Anderson Aviation (Link)

  • Sky Safety Flight Academy (Link)

  • Alpha Tango Flying Services (Link)

  • Bario Aviation (Link)

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Federal and State Aid

  • FAFSA: Many students are surprised by what they can receive.

  • TASFA: Designed to help those who can't qualify for federal aid.

Scholarships for College and University Students

Local and Specific Scholarships

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Unique and Niche Scholarships

Programs to Assist with College Access

  • Alamo Promise: Covers tuition for students attending an Alamo College for three years or until earning an associate degree, whichever comes first.

  • Trio Program: Offers support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds to progress through the academic pipeline.

  • Gilman Scholarship: A federal program providing scholarships for low-income students to study or intern abroad.

Additional Resources

Program Sponsors

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