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Virtually Hands-On


Museum and STEM

Experiences for K-12

All classes are free as our community responds to the coronavirus.

SAMSAT Online is inquiry-driven museum experiences delivered online by the STEM education staff at SAMSAT.  We deliver a virtual class where students go hands-on for research and student-artifact creation.

For Schools and Teachers

How it Works

1.  You sign up for a class.

2.  We send you instructions and schedule a time to test the technology.  We customize for time and circumstances.

3.  We run the class!  You co-host with us for classroom management and aligning the lesson with your goals.

Contact us to sign up.

For Individual Students and Families

See our event schedule and sign up on EventBrite.


More About SAMSAT Online





One class period to three hours


Inquiry-based with hands-on research and/or student artifact creation

Schoolteacher role

Classroom management in physical classroom; co-host online with private channel to SAMSAT instructor

Student setting

Together in a physical classroom, or home with access to the Internet

Delivered by

The same education staff who deliver in-person experiences to students

Students create

Artifacts using either the old-school technology of paper-and-pencil or the new technologies of mobile devices and the Internet



Zoom video conferencing provided, inquiries about others welcome


Lecture; interactive video discussion; instructor-led chat discussions

In the classroom

Either (1) All students on a device and logged into session; or (2) Projection of online session, audio speaker/s for the classroom, and a second device logged into with video showing the overall classroom; teacher and students welcome to login on individual devices

Tech needed at home

Any device with microphone and speakers/headset, and Internet access.  Some classes may require a laptop or computer.

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