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SAMSAT NOTICE:  In response to COVID-19 SAMSAT has elected to offer fewer summer camps each week with a decreased capacity of campers, in compliance with CDC and state recommendations.

  • All camps are Mon-Fri.

  • Virtual camps will be online

    • All Virtual camps are Free

    • 10am-12pm

    • Meeting via ZOOM

  • In Person 

    • In Person camps are $285, however Scholarships are available, please email

    • 9 am to 3 pm

    • Drop off starts at 8:30am

    • Campers must bring lunch, NO refrigeration, NO microwave

    • SAMSAT will provide afternoon snack

    • ALL campers will earn Digital Badges for completed camps. Please visit to check out SAMSATS Digital Badges.

    • ALL campers will receive Camp Shirt and Lanyard​

  • All Virtual summer camps in 2021 are free!  But we welcome donations from those able to contribute.

    • We are able to offer Scholarships for camps thanks to our generous sponsors!

    • Our sponsors partially offset our camp expenses.

    • For online camps, we ask those able to make a $100 donation, for each student attending, for each week attended.

    • For in-person camps, we ask those able to make a $300 donation, for each student attending, for each week attended.

    • Make a donation now!


Amazing Animals, 6/14 to 6/18, Grades 5+, Virtual

Go wild for SAMSATS Animal Camp! This camp is all about the awesome and weird animals that live on our planet and how they are adapted to survive in the places they live. We’ll cover the weird world of insects to the depths of ocean. You’ll learn about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and more in this camp! All while participating in fun activities and games that’ll make you roar with excitement! Don’t let this fun camp stampede away from you!


Cyber SOC: Cyber Sleuth, 6/14 to 6/18, Grades 5+, In Person

The red siren goes off in the corner of the room.  The team scrambles to their stations, doing their job as first responders. They work in a Security Operations Center (SOC), and they protect you, me and our communities from bad actors from all over the world who want to  harm our communities and our nation. Gain some cyber skills, learn about SOCs, and find out if you too can be a 21st century Cyber Sleuth!


Natural Disasters: Natures Wrath, 6/21 to 6/25, Grades 5+, Virtual

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be in an earthquake or a hurricane? Or to see a volcano erupt? Have you ever wondered *why* these moments of destruction happen sometimes? This camp provides a fun and fascinating experience that lets you understand the damage and effects of a natural disaster and how they happen as well as the scientists and people who work to quickly react to them to save lives ensuring people and property remain safe. All this from the comfort of your computer! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a storm-chaser, volcanologist or disaster operative to do this camp.


Cyber Security: Cyber Teen Boot Camp, 6/21 to 6/25, Grades 5+, In Person

Do you want to defend yourself against hackers? Do you even know what a hack is? Well, if you are interested in learning how to protect your online presence then this may be the workshop for you. Despite being a 5-day boot camp, you’ll learn a lot of information using fun games and activities. You will learn about viruses and I don’t mean Corona. You’ll learn about different criminals who aren’t so smooth at doing the crime. You don’t have to be a computer genius to join us, just be willing to learn and enjoy yourself. Come start your journey as a Cyber Teen. 


Boeing SAMSAT STEM CLUB Summer CAMP, 6/28 to 7/2 & 7/5 to 7/9, Grades 5+, Virtual-BOTH CAMPS FULL

Boeing and the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology are teaming up to bring you the Boeing SAMSAT STEM Summer Camp.  During this exciting opportunity, participants will be able to attend a STEM based virtual summer camp that consists of 10 virtual lessons covering a variety of subjects. Each day will cover 2 one hour subjects. Wednesdays are Boeing Mentor Days.  Meet mentors from Boeing who will discuss what brought them to Boeing, what made them want to be an engineer, and what a day in their life is like working for Boeing.

Space: Rocket into the Future, 6/28 to 7/2, Grades 5+, In Person

Planets, Asteroids, Stars, Rockets and more! Take to the sky in this in-person camp! Learn about Mercury, Venus, Mars and the other neighboring planets that orbit our sun. You’ll also learn about the equipment and training scientists use to study them and be awed by the weird and unbelievable objects that are in our universe. If you like hands on activities, cool facts about the cosmos and want to be creative, this is the camp you should rocket into! Trust us, you won’t be missing Earth!

Photography: Picture This!, 7/5 to 7/9 & 7/19 to 7/23, Grades 5+, In Person

Come have fun at SAMSAT by learning the basics principles of photography and the science behind it. You will have the opportunity to explore the way cameras work. However, it is not all about pointing and shooting, a good photographer studies and understands the ways to create composition to influence a viewer’s eyes. In addition, you will be introduced to some basic graphic design by utilizing photo editing software. Last, YOU will end camp by presenting your own art exhibit!

Space Camp, 7/12 to 7/16, Grades 5+, In Person

Learn all about outer space and what it takes to explore the cosmos. Build your very own rocket and launch it on the last day of camp with the help of Kelly tower!

Video Game Design: Assembly Required, 7/26 to 7/30, Grades 5+, In Person

Do you ever wonder how characters like Mario, Sonic, and Master Chief are made? How their worlds are designed and how a game is made to be enjoyable and challenging? Have you ever wanted to make your own game? Then come have fun at SAMSAT and learn the basics of Video Game Design. Create your own world in 2D over the course of week with easy-to-use coding tools. You get to also be your own CEO and take charge in the design and marketing of your game to learn how video games are made, marketed and sold. 


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