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How SAMSAT’S Geekbus Could Change the Future of San Antonio

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

It was just last year the Geekbus STEM Club partnered with the San Antonio Housing Authority as a means of bringing STEM curriculum to under-represented students. The Geekbus brought STEM activities such as programming, coding, engineering, and robotics to these students and classes were conducted. Last year, a total of 40 students from SAHA completed the program and were awarded a laptop upon completion.

“This program is about serving student’s families in the community. If these students can be inspired to pursue post-secondary education, and get a good job, it is not just transformational for the kids, it can make a difference for their family. And if one student can do that for their family, many students can do it for the community,” said Geekbus co-founder Cliff Zintgraff.

SAMSAT serves well over 10,000 students yearly using the Geekbus as a means of bringing curriculum and inspiration to these under-represented communities. However, the increased demand for the Geekbus and its curriculum has resulted in significant wear and tear on the bus resulting in a desperate need of refurbishing both on the interior and exterior.

SAMSAT is calling the community to action in an effort to bring the Geekbus back to its fullest potential so that these students can discover their fullest potential. Your donations will make an impact on the future of San Antonio starting on this special bus that provides rich educational experiences to thousands. This bus never stops giving!

“The Geekbus is one of the most transformative tools I have ever personally witnessed. When I would see kids getting on the bus and discovering the possibilities and then seeing the lightbulb go off over their heads is an experience I will never forget. Anyone of these kids can succeed in spite of their personal circumstances. We just have to help inspire them,” said SASTEMIC co-founder, Scott Gray.

Donate today on our GoFundMe page and join us in bringing the Geekbus back to the communities of San Antonio to help create a brighter future.

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