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Fueling Careers Through Internships

Earlier this year, SAMSAT launched the SAMSAT internship program to further its mission of transforming lives through workforce development. Since then SAMSAT has brought on a total of six interns to launch the program.

Interns start off by filling out a questionnaire that lays the road map for their internship experience at SAMSAT. Together with the SAMSAT team, the intern identifies the goals of the internship, as well as their overall career goals, creating a unique experience for each student.

During their internship, students rotate working with staff members in various departments within SAMSAT. Each rotation will have specific tasks, projects and shadowing opportunities to showcase education, skills, training & support available to pursue various STEM career pathways.

Meet Ernesto. Ernesto is a student at Central Catholic High School who heard about SAMSAT internship opportunities while participating in IDRA’s Chief Science Officer Program. He just recently started the program, but he has already hit the ground running. Ernesto started taking preliminary inventory and documenting the many artifacts housed in the SAMSAT Preview Center. Additionally, he’s seeing firsthand what it takes to run an organization like SAMSAT from behind the scenes.

“By the end of my internship, I hope to get a complete understanding of the work that goes into maintaining an organization like SAMSAT as well as learn the ins and outs of the professional work environment. To me this internship is more than gaining professional experience; it’s about being able to assume a role in your community and making a contribution that’ll help others,” said Ernesto.

Ernesto hopes to one day have a career in biomedical engineering research or neurophysiology, both of which pursue the progress of modern medicine and finding the solutions to the problems that afflict many.

Now meet Daniela. Daniela is a student at Science and Engineering Academy at John Jay High School. and has been a fan of SAMSAT for a while as she has participated in SAMSAT programming in the past. Daniela heard about the program from her mother and immediately knew she wanted to participate.

Since starting her internship, Daniela has worked with the education department helping with SAMSAT Online, Academy and SPARK classes. Additionally, she has helped the information technology department, and administration working on various projects like checking software on laptops and helping set up the new library.

“Futures don't make themselves, you have to create them. Throughout this internship, I hope to take what I learn and apply it to my future endeavors. I feel that this knowledge will give me a good background and allow me to be a step ahead with my future career. I have already learned about the SAMSAT business environment, and how to be flexible when challenges occur. Everyone has given me advice about working in a business, my senior year, and about college next year. I'm glad I am able to have the staff at SAMSAT as mentors,” said Daniela.

Daniela has dreams of pursuing a career as a mechanical engineer and wants to attend the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She believes that her SAMSAT internship has gotten her one step closer to that dream.

Next, meet Anna Louise, the SAMSAT marketing and fundraising intern. Anna Louise was one of the first participants in the program specifically tasked with developing the recent Geekbus GoFundMe campaign.

Since coming on board, Anna Louise successfully raised $8,550 to help restore the Geekbus and get it back on the road to serving the community. Additionally, she learned how to think more strategically, create engaging social media content, and even learned some new video production skills.

“During my time as a marketing intern, I developed multitude of professional skills. But most importantly I learned the importance of education as a means of creating a brighter future not only for a child but for their families and the community as a whole,” said Anna Louise.

She witnessed firsthand how each employee, each donation, and each endeavor pursued by SAMSAT pours into our city's future well-being and is proud to be a part of inspiring what’s next through STEM.

“The best part of the internship was working closely with inspirational people, learning their unique background stories and what brought them to SAMSAT. It was through these stories that inspiration and creativity was sparked. It was a true joy to see the fruits of my labor as inspired by these individuals,” she stated.

Want to learn more about SAMSAT’s internship opportunities? Contact Jennifer Ireland at

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