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Chief Science Officer Program Fuels SAMSAT Mentorship

The IDRA Texas Chief Science Officer (CSO) Program is a program that challenges teens to create action plans that promote STEM education in schools and communities. After the pandemic, Arturo wanted more STEM-related experiences and mentoring, so he reached out to SAMSAT to help him with his project.

Arturo chose SAMSAT because he had visited in 6th grade and loved it. He knew that SAMSAT could help him with his project because he wanted to focus specifically on STEM careers which is right up SAMSAT’s alley.

Arturo worked with mentor Mark Brooks to develop a presentation about the many STEM career pathways available today. He showcased three different fun and interesting careers for each of the four STEM categories – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

“My project was to show people how each letter of STEM has its own unique jobs. I wanted to show people that there are a lot more fun and interesting jobs than the main ones that are told about,” said Arturo.

After completing his project and giving his presentation, CEO Douglas King, acknowledged his hard work, awarding him with a certificate and pin with the CSO motto: We don’t just hope it happens. We make it happen!

“Arturo did great work! We are honored he reached out to us to complete his project and could not be prouder of what he presented. He will undoubtedly do great things with STEM in the future,” said CEO, Douglas King.

“Even though the classes for STEM may be hard, doesn't mean the jobs are too. I love STEM because it's so fun and interesting. Plus, there are so many cool jobs to choose from!” Arturo stated.

You can check out more about his project in an article he wrote here.

Arturo has continued to engage with SAMSAT by joining the SAMSAT internship program to learn the ins and outs of running the museum. He and other interns will spend a minimum of 12 hours with each department in SAMSAT - Administration, Education, Exhibits, Artifacts, Facilities, Technology, and Executive. Once they have worked in each, they can then choose to work in a specific department they enjoyed the most. Interns will also have the option to choose to complete a project based on their interests.

Want to learn more about SAMSAT mentorships and internships? Contact Jennifer Ireland at

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