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SAMSAT for Schools
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SAMSAT Online Enrichment Classes
for Students and Families
Want to sign up for a class, but your school is not online with us?  We reserve time slots during the week for individual students and families to join our classes.
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Event schedule and sign-up
We deliver an online and inquiry-based lesson to your students on STEM topics of interest, always including a making activity where students create deliverables​.  Classes are hosted online from the museum, and includes museum artifacts.
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SAMSAT inspires innovative minds through exploration of the past, present and future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

SAMSAT for Schools

SAMSAT and SASTEMIC have merged.  We are working together to bring STEM to your school, and we're ready for your students to visit our Preview Center.

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The Geekbus

is our mobile STEM

space that travels to schools and other organizations to provide STEM educational experiences through 18 curricula including drones, cyber, wind energy, robotics, forensics and more.

See all curriculum, or book the Geekbus.

SAMSAT ExploreTour

Bring up to 25 students and spend an hour or more learning the history of electricity, computers, communications, and cyber, delving into the mindset of some of history's greatest inventors and entrepreneurs.

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SAMSAT Explore-And-Do

Bring up to 50 students for a SAMSAT Exploretour, and then students experience invention through STEM curricula and activities.  A three- to four-hour activity.

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The SA Smart Mayor's K-12 Smart City Challenge

Bring teams of 4-6 students, grades 7-12, create an idea around San Antonio's SA Tomorrow plan, do technical research, do market research, receive training and mentorship, and pitch your idea.  Win the Mayor's Smart City Cup!

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And More

The SAMSAT Preview Center is open every Saturday for Family Day, and it's free!  And SAMSAT is a great place for your meeting, celebration or event.


Every Saturday is Family Day

Join us between 10 am and 5 pm at the Preview Center.  There is no cost for admission, but your donations are always welcome.

  • We're at 102 Mabry Drive, San Antonio.

  • On the campus of Port San Antonio (formerly Kelly Air Force Base).

  • Here's a map.


Meetings and Events

Hold your business meeting, training session, celebration or other event at SAMSAT.

  • Located at Port San Antonio.

  • Preview Center: Up to 100 people.

  • Activity Center: Up to 100 people.

  • Executive Conference room: Up to 12.

Contact us.

Office Space

Inquire about individual offices on the Port San Antonio campus, within five minutes of large aerospace companies and defense contractors.

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Visit the SAMSAT Preview Center

The SAMSAT Preview Center is located on the Port San Antonio campus near Lackland Air Force Base.  See highlights of the SAMSAT collection pending our move into Port San Antonio's Innovation Center.

Things to see at the Preview Center

The capture of an Enigma Coding Machine by the Allies was a major event of WWII. See one of very few remaining.

Datapoint Corporation was a 10,000-employee company in San Antonio with a claim to creating the first microcomputer.  See the Datapoint collection.

Phototelesis, a spin-off of Datapoint, created a phone that can send and receive pictures.  The world's first cameraphone!

Inside a typical phone, there are 350 billion transistors that do the same job as each one of the vacuum tubes you see in this picture. 

Visit the Preview Center
Open every Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm
FREE (donations welcome)
102 Mabry Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78226


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The Edison collection includes a light bulb made of horse hair, and a 1900s dynamo (below) for energy distribution.

Learn who Nikola Tesla was, how a Tesla coil works, and why the Tesla coil sends energy through the air that turns on the lights.  We'll fire up the coil for you!



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