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The T.J. Natarajan


The Details

  • Cost: $300.

  • Scholarships available, learn more.

  • Bring your own lunch.

  • Afternoon snacks provided.

  • Camps will follow CDC recommendations for COVID-19 to the extent allowed by law. 

  • Register!

Scholarships are available
for qualifying students
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Space Exploration   Rising 6th Grade and Up  

June 6-10   Register

July 25-29   Register

Learn all about outer space and what it takes to explore the cosmos. Build your very own rocket and launch it on the last day of camp with the help of Kelly Tower!

Photo May 22, 10 20 23 AM.jpg

Young Entrepreneurs    Register

June 13-17, Rising 6th Grade and Up

Have you ever seen a problem in the world you think you can solve? Can you develop a business to solve it?  In Young Entrepreneurs, you will develop a product and/or service and find your customers. Learn how to pitch your solution to them!

Photo Feb 12, 1 00 33 PM.jpg

Esports=Careers    Register

June 20-24, Rising 6th Grade and Up

Video games are fun, and they also give students many marketable skills! When not playing, students will learn about the experience in hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, organization, financial management, artwork, communication, branding, promotion, administration, logistics, and more required to run an esports league. On the last day of camp, they’ll help run a tournament!

Video Game Design.jpg

Video Game Design: Assembly Required    Register

June 27-July 1, Rising 6th Grade and Up

Do you ever wonder how characters like Mario, Sonic, and Master Chief are made? How their worlds are designed and how a game is made to be enjoyable and challenging? Have you ever wanted to make your own game? Then come have fun at SAMSAT and learn the basics of Video Game Design. Create your own world in 2D over the course of the week with easy-to-use coding tools. You get to also be your own CEO and take charge in the design and marketing of your game to learn how video games are made, marketed and sold.

Video Game

Cyber SOC: Cyber Sleuth    Register

July 11-15, Rising 6th Grade and Up

The red siren goes off in the corner of the room. The team scrambles to their stations, doing their job as first responders. They work in a Security Operations Center, and they protect you, me and our communities from bad actors all over the world who want to  harm our communities and our nation. Gain some cyber skills, learn about Security Operations Centers, and find out if you have what it takes to be a Cyber Sleuth!


Robots!    Register

July 18-22, Rising 6th Grade and Up

What is a robot? How are they built? How are they controlled? Are they smart? How can they help people, and what might be some of their harms? In this camp, students will learn to build their own robots and compete with other students, as well as gain an understanding of what the field of robotics is all about!



Scholarships are available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch plans at their schools.
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