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About The Geekbus

The Geekbus is a mobile makerspace that travels to schools and other organizations to provide STEM educational experiences in their classrooms.

Available Curriculum

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The goal of all Geekbus programs is to inspire and spark students' interest in skills needed for the 21st century. We teach students the value of "design thinking," encouraging them to apply these concepts to solve problems in the classroom as well as in the real world.

We now offer 18 STEM programs, each designed to challenge and expand students' problem solving ability.

  • Wind energy

  • Finch

  • micro:bit Block-coding I

  • micro:bit Block-coding II

  • Cyber Threat Defender

  • Sphero

  • Forensics I*

  • Forensics II*

  • Drones*

  • Structural Engineering 

  • Video Game Design I

  • Video Game Design II

  • Zu3D

  • Cyber Security*

  • MagLev

  • EV3 Robotic Programming

  • Ev3 Task Mat*

  • Straw Rockets

* indicates new and/or updated programs

Please contact us for prices.

Build Your Own Geekbus

Interested in starting your own Geekbus? Contact us below and we can help you.

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